Brazilian Women as you haven't seen

This post is born with the need to show people what is the true face of Brazil. But why do you harness it?

First, I want to show what the "real" life is in Brazil like , not Brazil Carnival and second, to inform people that a lack of culture think that Brazil has only jungle, snakes, football and naked women.

Women in Brazil

Brazil is a huge country, with more than 190 million inhabitants. We saw a big step in the development of Brazil in the last ten years. Prior to this period the population of Brazil has serious problems of inflation, prices and wages increased every day when the salary arrived was devalued.

Currently we elect a woman as president, the first woman president of Brazil.

Women in Brazil begin to work early to get their independence. I started with sixteen. They study and work simultaneously. Only the wealthy class of the population women work after graduation, but in general, they work very early. It is normal to see women studying and working, it does not dishonor anyone.

About Marriage

It is normal in Brazil couples living together after a long relationship. Some decide to get married at the court (formally) and others just move in together.

The fact of living together without formal marriage, does not mean the couple live unhappily, but it is known that on the law of God that is not right, even in Christianity. Many end up formalizing the marriage later and others are separated.

Women seek economic independence even after married. That does not make them women unfaithful or less willing to take care of their homes, unlike, they often wake up very early to prepare domestic services and then go to work and back home still his journey as a woman.

How are Brazilian women as wives

As mentioned above they work a lot within and outside the home. As wives are dedicated, honest, faithful and passionate. In general, do not "buy" her husband and, yes, marry for love.

We are extremely affectionate with our husbands and that no one can say that is bad. We care, we love and give attention. Sensuality is a natural thing and we enjoy being beautiful and fragrant when our husband comes home. The Brazilian is very careful to herself, takes care of the nails, hair and skin frequently and it is good for self-esteem either.

As housewives, cherish very much for household cleaning. One can hardly see a house dirty, dusty and rubbish thrown outside the house.

We like to cook and the kitchen is a special place in Brazilian life. I remember in my family the best place to talk was in the kitchen enjoying our delicious coffee. In lunches and dinners like to meet a lot of people excited and talking.

As mothers, concerned, loving, devoted and deeply connected to raising children. Working mothers were often leave their children in day care centers, places to care for children where both parents work. Children are the heart of the Brazilian family. Children go to school for about six years old when they enter preschool. Grooming with the clothes of the children is another thing that the Brazilian likes to show what their children are clean and pleasant-smelling bath.

Speaking of bathrooms ... In Brazil take on average two to three baths a day. Complete baths. It is natural to see Brazilian smelling good. And the careful brushing of the teeth is another feature our own. Brush the teeth at least three times a day normally.

We are strong, yes. We do not take insults go home and not married to negotiation. We are free and independent and above all resolved!

Youth in Brazil

The young Brazilians, in general, like sports and meeting friends. Start early in school and create great bonds of friendship that stage of life. The freedom of the young Brazilian is another important point. Some parents leave out of the house at night, others only after a certain age. Girls and boys can come out together and have friendship. Many begin dating early even that will not marry. Maturity comes early because of the lifestyle they lead the Brazilians.

Brazilian women are not prostitutes!

Carnival made the world think that all the Brazilian go naked and have sex with anyone. This is not true. Carnival is a festival of pagan origin of traditions originating in Europe, the Catholic Church encouraged this tradition later in Brazil and unfortunately this was brought forward.

Not everyone likes the Brazilian Carnival and not all out on the streets masked and dressed to celebrate it. Throughout my life I attended three days of Carnival was enough. So do not generalize something we do not know.

Another reason why Brazilian women are seen as prostitutes are the costumes and the "blessed" bikini. Being a tropical country, hot and still have the freedom to come and go in Brazil's clothes are sexy and unfortunately I can not change it. But that does not mean that everyone use. Several countries in the world do the same or worse and nobody complains, why?

You see it is not easy to be called Brazilian, you have to be "certified."  :D


Data on Brazil - Sociology

Language spoken Poruguês = (the seventh most spoken language in the world)
The Brazilian population is now 190,732,694 inhabitants (IBGE data - 2010 Census). According to estimates, in 2025, the Brazilian population will reach 228 million. The Brazilian population is distruibui by regions as follows: Southeast (80.3 million), Northeast (53.07 million), South (27.3 million), North (15.8 million).

Some regions and cities in Brazil

Let me start by São Paulo. As the largest business center of Latin America. I will not speak for all states of Brazil, because it will be a giant post too. Forgive me for states not listed.


Sao Paulo is a Brazilian city, state capital of São Paulo is the main financial center, corporate and commercial Latin America. It is the most populous city in Brazil, the Americas and around the southern hemisphere, and the Brazilian city most influential on the global stage, is considered the 14th largest city globalized world, receiving the rank of global city alpha, by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network (GaWC). The city's motto, present in his official coat, consists of the Latin phrase "Non Ducor, duco", whose meaning is in Portuguese "I am driven, drive."



The southern region of Brazil is the smallest of the country. Its land area is 576 409.6 km ², higher than in France, for example, the fourth largest country in Europe.

In the South, itself, is a major hub for tourism, economic and cultural, including major European influence, particularly from Italian and German.

This I can speak because I am there. Working people and warrior. Santa Catarina has suffered much from floods, but quickly recovered, because the people there waiting to happen, do!


Rio de Janeiro

Statue of Christ Redeemer = No, Brazilians do not worship the image, this is just a symbol for Christianity.

The Rio de Janeiro has beautiful areas such as Buzios, Cabo Frio, among others.

Another question is trivial on the MAFIA ... Woohoo and mystery ... They wonder how the "mafia" in Brazil, the "gangsters" and the dangers we face ... Walk seeing much movie "The big boss," what is happening in Italy.

But what happens in Brazil is that they confuse the drug trade and it does have, as anywhere in the world.

What I say: "Brazil is a safe place, if a tourist visit tourist places and never go to places points drugs. Also you can come and go anywhere."



I've been asked here in Brazil had large snakes anacondas and I had to laugh. And patiently explained that no, there are no anacondas in addition to those of films created by sick people either as brazilian women are all bitches. Wrong way to drive.

Do not have nobody. The Brazilian woman, besides being the most beautiful, is also the happiest. The data are part of a study coordinated by Professor Marcelo Neri of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, in the week we commemorate the International Women's Day. On a scale of zero to ten, the Brazilian had to give a note to his current perception of happiness and expectation of future joys. Coasted to 8.98 against 8.51 of Denmark, which took second place - the international average is 6.74. In last place in the ranking were the women of Zimbabwe, with 4.04. The research brings a curiosity. Single women are happier. Then there are married women, followed by divorcees and widows. All these data are part of a book to be released on Wednesday by economist Marcelo Neri, who also specializes in research on poverty alleviation and the new Brazilian middle class. The study on women opens a new focus. And the fact is that Brazilian men are also among the happiest in the world.

Cris Freitas - brazilian woman, yes!


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